Success for an organization of any kind is based on the strength of its funding. Among the key links in this equation, sponsorships, advertisements on different technology platforms and sales of exhibition spaces - for those who organize events - occupy a prominent place.

The premium, however, is a clear vision of goals, a clever strategy that makes the difference, and rigorous monitoring of actions to stay on track. That’s what CE2’s team can offer you.

CE2 consulting and accompanying services cater to organizations and associations seeking to achieve, or even exceed their financial goals. International associations, philanthropic organizations, event promoters, are all among the ranks of customers satisfied with CE2.

CE2 invites you to opt for the path of success in the early planning steps of your future projects. Entrust strategy and fundraising to CE2’s specialists and you will have the freedom to do what you do best: manage your organization, your project or your association.

Strategic thinking and funding services

CE2 offers an exhaustive range of services in terms of strategy development and financing including sponsorships research, advertising sales on all technology platforms and the sale of exhibition space.

Since its creation, CE2 conducted several consulting assignments with various associations and organizations of provincial, national and international wingspan for the development of partnerships programs and marketing strategies.

Strategic thinking

Commercial campaign

Administration and partnership offer activation

Expertise perfectly tuned to the challenges of funding

Founded in 2008 by Danielle M. Roy, CE2 leverages nearly three decades of experience in regional and international sales to create DRCE to reflect her own personality - a serious business, professional and with a flawless work ethic.

In 2011, Mélanie Bouchard joined the team as senior account executive. She has a solid sales experience acquired in the hotel and tourism industry. Mélanie has been a major player on team since her arrival and now manages CE2 as senior partner.

She is surround by a team of bilingual, versatile professional experts, who excel in all sectors of an economy based on knowledge and innovation.

This is how DRCE became CE2 because two heads are better than one! By collaborating with CE2, you benefit from a great expertise combined with your industry knowledge.

With a long experience in the field of financing and events, CE2’s team is well aware of the universe of sponsorship, both in terms of standards and of best practices. CE2 has completed financing mandates for provincial, national and international events, which sales were conducted with worldwide companies. The team also participated in numerous missions to promote its clients.

Whether negotiating sponsorships, sales of exhibition space or advertising on all technology platforms, CE2’s team spares no effort to optimize revenues on behalf of its clients.


Mélanie Bouchard

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